Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Titian's Room


Titian is known mostly for his portraits. He painted around 1oo of them, from little known individuals to Popes. It was said, "There was almost no famous lord, nor prince, nor great woman who was not painted by Titian"*


This painting of the Doge of Venice shows power and importance. The look on the portraits face as well as him grasping his robes with a forceful hand show strength. Titian is able to use his painting style to bring out the patterns and the texture of the fabric.

This painting, Madonna with saints and members of the Pesaro Family, was radical for its time. Unlike other artists, Titian refused to "even out" the picture, by painting the same number of people on each side. He also did not place Mary and Jesus in the center of the picture. He does use a battle flag to balance Mary, but still is asymmetrical in people placement.

Along with Saints Peter and Francis, he also includes the Pesaro Family. Once again, the detail is amazing, and it is obvious that Titian's work with portraits helps him to capture emotion.