Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Leonardo's Room


Leonardo is another of the famous Renaissance artists. He was known mostly for his inventions and other scientific advances, but he was also a gifted painter, as both this and the painting below show. The Renaissance is known for its realistic portrayal of humanity.

There are several paintings that Leonardo is known for, one of them is the Mona Lisa, a quintessential Renaissance portrait. There are people who see the smile as piece of artwork in itself, showing an amazing amount of depth, almost as though there is a story behind it.

The other work da Vinci is associated with is this one, The Last Supper. It shows Jesus with his disciples before his death. It portrays the point at which Jesus tells his disciples that one of them will send him to his death. The painting is seen as a wonderful example of perspective, as everything in the picture points directly to the face of Jesus.